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 LeDia Designs is focused on providing high-quality jewelry and customer satisfaction with our workmanship.

We specialize in personalized bridal jewelry and will work with you to keep within your budget. You select the colors and styles of beads and your bridesmaids can use their own creativity for designing their own jewelry to wear on that special day!

Our Swarovski Birthstone Jewelry is created to your personalization.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, and a full line of children's jewelry is available. View the sample of styles that have evolved!


Fill our lockets with a rainbow of swarovski crystals!  You can also add your birthstone swarovski crystals! There are more shapes available and these can also be made into keychains. 

Black or white swarovski pearl spiral bracelets can accommodate any sized wrist!

 Our wire bracelets can be created with your choice of  charms and swarovski crystals!

(Click on the photos to enlarge)
This Double  Pearl (8mm or 10mm) necklace with clear swarovski bicone beads (6mm) and sterling silver  can be created using cultured pearls or swarovski pearls.

Swarovski Necklaces
(Custom made with your desired colored crystals and length.  All have sterling clasps and can have a two inch sterling chain extender.)


                                 The Curve!
This sterling silver necklace can be created in your choice of colors.  This coordinates with our birthstone bracelet, and earrings.

The following sterling silver and Swarovski crystal  necklaces are custom orders.  Prices depend on the size and number of  Swarovski drops, the desired length, the size of the crystals and/or cultured pearls, and whether the necklace is strung or each section is individually wrapped and linked using sterling wire.  Remember, all can be customized according to the colors of your liking! 


Bracelets of swarovski crystals and pearls are available in many designs!

Earrings are created with your designs!

This is a slide show of Bridal Jewelry
 created by the brides and the bridesmaids.

Our 'Dots of Illusion' Necklace can be created for a bridal party or can represent your desired birthstone or family necklace! Matching earrings are available.  

 Mother's, Grandmother's, Child's 
Birthstone Gifts!
(Scroll down to see our new "Be Charmed" design!)

 You supply the months and I will create a custom necklace, bracelet, earrings or ankle bracelete for you using swarovski crystals .  You can choose a sterling chain or silver plate. 
    Each swarovski crystal birthstone costs $7.00 with the swarovski rondelle spacer.  The chain is extra.  A sterling 18" chain is $15.00 and an 18" silver plate chain is $7.00.
16" chains are also available.

This Birthstone Set is $30.00.

These are just some of the ways the birthstone necklaces can be created with multiple birthstones!

A matching set can be created just for you or that special person!

This 'Dangle' can represent the 'mother' or 'grandmother'
with the children dangling from the sterling chain.

The 'Horizontal' family birthstone necklace is created using a sterling chain.  You can choose round or cube shaped swarovskis.

New Design:   "Be Charmed"
The photo on the left is a 35" chain with your choice of a large hole birthstone glass charm.  The cost is $15.00 You can add other charms for $5.00 each. 
The photo on the right demonstrates how this 35" necklace can be converted to an 18" necklace.         Charming! 

A single stand can be created to represent any quantity of children/grandchildren.

This double strung necklace represents the three children with the eight grandchildren on the strand below. Between each 'birthstone swarovski' are 3mm clear swarovskis.  

This sterling silver 'Heart Link'bracelet is 7.5 inches.  
It can be shortened for a child's wrist
 and leave an inch to 'grow' on in the future.

You can create a family bracelet! This one is using 6mm swarovski rounds and the one below is 8mm swarovski round. The bracelet can be in sterling for $30.00-$35.00 or silver plate for $20.00- $25.00.

Ankle Bracelets either in our 'Dots of Illusion' design for $20.00 or with sterling tube beads for $25.00.

Heart Necklaces in all months!

Birthstone Bracelets are our specialty!

Dragonfly, zig-zag, or hoop birthstone earrings!  $15.00                           

Friendship Bracelets! 
You and your friends
can share each other's birthstones!



This is a gold filled bracelets created with your choice of birthstones.  The price depends upon the amount of gold tubes.

                             Medical Alert Wearers! 
Add a decorative bracelet to your medical alert bracelet.
You can supply the bracelet that you want adapted or I can design one for you!


The LeDia Knot Pearl Necklace!
      You choose the size of the pearls and the colors and it will be custom made to your desired length!  Choose from  an array of colors of Swarovski Glass Pearls, Cultured Pearls, or other grades of pearls to fit your budget!  Each is an individual necklace which can be worn by itself or combined with the other pearl necklace.  You can purchase multiple necklaces to be interchanged.

Swarovski Crystal Ball

  It appears to be floating on air!  You choose the color of your choice! $30.00.  The Crystal Ball can be strung on a silver chain.  Then you can have the option of stringing it on your own chain of gold or silver.  

This Sterling Silver Chainmaille bracelet can be created with your choice of 5mm Swarovski crystals and your individual size.  $75.00

This sterling silver Swarovski bracelet uses several 3 hole sterling spacers to create the illusion of the triangular sections.  Choose the colors for each section.  $75.00

Holiday Earrings are always available!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ..........We hope to see you again!  
.......There are always more inspirations to come!
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